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Acadia Park Kayak Tours


There is truly no better way to experience the the beauty and grandeur of the coastal waters and islands that make Acadia so special than in a sea kayak.

Our kayaks glide through the water making little noise and using no fossil fuels and allow us to paddle within just inches of the shore.

I realize that regardless of whatever measures I take to make our tours more attractive the main reason people come kayaking with us will always be the dramatic natural beauty of the area.

In recognition of this I do everything I can to give back to and preserve the eco-systems whose integrity my job depends on.

Acadia Park Kayak Tours does not use or sell disposable products or products made from environmentally damaging materials, does its best to instill an appreciation and understanding of the natural wonders and eco-systems its guest experience on its tours (along with the man made factors that threaten them), and gives back a percentage of each tours fees to conservation efforts.

Many of the larger outfitters in Maine employ young guides looking for a fun “summer job” during the break between their high school and/or undergraduate classes. These guides often have little to almost no previous experience, which the outfitters prefer because they can then pay them accordingly. These guides are often not from Maine.

Everyone who works with me is a sea kayak guide with years of experience, lives here in Maine if not locally, and is a committed outdoor professional who approaches their work as a true profession and not just as a “summer job”.

If you are considering going on a sea kayaking tour while visiting Acadia or are a local resident who would like to experience and learn more about the place you call home I hope you consider supporting our business model of professional excellence and environmental stewardship.

Acadia Park Kayak
Acadia Park Kayak Tours