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We are the only outfitter on Mount Desert Island or in the state that will crate your dog at our location while you go kayaking.

We have several crates in a variety of sizes. We use only high quality crates that are sturdily built and safe. They have no sharp edges or weak construction.

This is a free convenience that we provide to our guests. We are not a kennel or a boarding facility or a pet care service.

Is crating a good option for your dog?

Dogs that will do best with being crated for a few hours are dogs that have used crates in the past and are accustomed to them.
If your dog has never been crated before but has a generally calm demeanor they might be ok with being in a crate.
The best way for you to judge this is to try and put your dog in a crate prior to your leaving for vacation and see how they react.

If your dog suffers from any form of separation anxiety or has emotional problems from past neglect or abuses, as some rescue dogs do, and they are not used to being crated then your dog is definitely not a good candidate for being in a crate.
If you know beforehand that you dog is likely to try and chew the crate or is likely to bark a lot while crated then your dog is also not a good candidate for being in a  crate.

How to reserve a crate for your dog.

When you make your kayaking reservation it is best to reserve a crate/s at that time. You must affirm that you have carefully read through all of the information on this page.

If you are crating your dog you will need to show up for your tour fifteen minutes early with your dog ready to go into the crate.

If you show up on the day of your tour with your dog without having reserved a crate beforehand and there is no room left for them to be crated and/or we judge that your dog is not a good candidate for being crated then we will not crate your dog.
If this means that you can not go on the tour you will still be responsible for paying the full cost of the tour.
If you will be more than fifteen minutes late for your tour due to your efforts at making other arrangements for your dog you will forfeit your spot on the tour and will still be responsible for paying the full cost of the tour.

You will need to take some measurements of your dog beforehand so that we know what size crate your dog will need.

How to help your dog be comfortable while in a crate.

Your dog will do better in a crate if they have gotten some exercise and attention on the day they are being crated previous to going into the crate. That means that if you are going on a morning kayak trip you will need to get up early enough to walk and play with your dog before you show up for your tour.

It is a bad idea for obvious reasons to feed your dog a large meal right before putting them into a crate for a few hours.
If they are going into the crate in the morning you should give them some water and a small snack, at most, before your tour. 
If they are going into the crate in the afternoon you should have fed them a snack or a light meal at least several hours before being crated so that they had an opportunity to take care of business before getting into the crate.

If you have two dogs and you want them to be together you can crate them in the same large crate (providing they fit).

If you want your dog to have something soft to lay on you should bring a clean blanket or towel. Blankets that impart a heavy eau de dog smell will not be allowed in the store.
We keep a few Vetbed blankets for sale.
Vetbed is a strong and durable, very long-lasting, machine washable, non-irritant and hypoallergenic, insulating material that allows air and moisture to permeate through in case of any ‘accidents’ and has a soft and luxurious feel.
It can still be chewed by determined dogs but it’s much stronger and durable than any dog beds or blankets you might otherwise use
They aren’t cheap but they are a good investment.

It is a good idea to provide your dog with a nice chew toy for the time they are crated.  You can buy dog toys at the store Bark Harbor on Main Street here in Bar Harbor or we keep a few Kong chew toys here in the store for sale.
We also keep peanut butter in the store that you can put in the center of their chew toy for free.

Your dog/s will get to listen to music while you are kayaking!
We will play calming music for your dog/s while we are away from the store.  This helps cover up the distraction of outside noises and slows their heart rate making it easier for them to rest or sleep.

You will have to sign a release and liability agreement and clean up after your dog.

You will have to sign a form stating that your dog is well behaved enough to stay in a crate for several hours and that we are not liable for any injury your dog causes to itself while in the crate.
If your dog damages the crate or gets out of the crate (which is very difficult) and damages other property you will be held liable for the damages, including the full replacement costs of any damaged items.

If your dog makes a mess in its crate you will be responsible for cleaning it up. There is a hose outside and we will provide cleaning products.

What if your dog is not a good candidate for being crated or you need them to be taken care of for longer than a few hours?

For people looking to leave their dog with someone for longer periods of time or overnight there are two options on the island. There is the Acadia Woods Kennel and Acadia Pet Services. They both offer part day, full day, and overnight boarding.
Acadia Pet Services does not offer grooming services or segregate their dogs so your dog must play well with others.

This is the best option for dogs who are not good candidates for being crated.  The kennels at Acadia Woods are larger than a crate and at Acadia Pet Services the dogs stay in a home with a fenced in yard.

Both services often book up far in advance due to the lack of options here on the island so be sure to get your reservations in if your dog/s will require this type of service while you kayak.

Step 1: With your dog standing on all fours take measurement A, from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail.

Make sure it is to the base of their tale and not to the tip. When you give us this measurement we will know what length of crate your dog needs.

Step 2: Next, because some dogs are taller in a seated position than they are standing on all fours, sit your dog down so they are sitting upright.

Now, referring to the image take measurement B, from the floor to the tallest point of their nose or head.
When you give us this measurement we will know what height of crate your dog needs.