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The 8 Rodick Place address

Acadia Park Kayak Tours store front is not continually attended during the day.  The tours are small and fill up quickly without the need for a continually attended storefront. 

You will most likely be meeting us at our shop at 8 Rodick Place in Bar Harbor.
8 Rodick Place is located next to the Dog and Pony Tavern. 
In the top part of our building is Fiore Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars. We are located in the bottom half of the building.
Our front entrance is on the opposite side of the building as Fiore’s front entrance. Our front entrance faces out into a town parking lot and not actually onto Rodick Place (the street). You will see the van and the kayak trailer parked in our driveway.

The sand bar beach at the end Bridge Street. It is mostly the sunrise and night star tours that meet here.

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Our van and kayak trailer parked in our driveway that faces out into a large town parking lot.

While most tours meet at our shop at 8 Rodick place some tours meet at the beach at the end of Bridge Street in Bar Harbor. 
This beach is often referred to as the sandbar beach (not sand beach) where the large .8 mile sandbar is located in Bar Harbor that you can walk across at low tide out to Bar Island. 
It is a famous landmark in Bar Harbor and is where the “Bar” in the name Bar Harbor comes from.
We most often meet on the beach for our sunrise and nighttime star gazing tours. 
If you are meeting at the beach you will be told that when you make your reservation otherwise you should assume that you are meeting at our shop at 8 Rodick Place.

On rare occasions we may meet at an address other 8 Rodick Place or the beach.  If we are to meet at a different address you will be informed of that when making your reservation.

Where should you park?
There are a bunch of parking spaces just outside of our front door.  Despite the abundance of spaces located close to us you should be aware of two things.
1)  July fourth through Labor Day a three hour parking time limit is enforced in the lot from 9am until 6pm.
If you park here for your four hour morning or afternoon trip you may or may not get a ticket. People parking for the sunset trip should have no problem.
The tickets are fifteen dollars.  You may or may not feel that is a worthwhile risk for being able to park so close to our location.
2) Even with so many parking spaces located right next to our location parking during busy times of the year can be difficult to find.  You may end up circling the lot for several minutes or longer before a space becomes available. Please keep this in mind and remember that you must show up on time for your tour having already parked.

Please do not park in our driveway at 8 Rodick Place. You can stop in the parking lot in front of our driveway for a very short period of time if you are dropping someone off for a trip.

If you want to park in an un-timed parking spot you should park on the section of  West Street between Route 3 and Rodick Street.
If you are meeting us at the 8 Rodick Place address you should count on having a 10-25 minute walk depending on where you park on West Street.
If you are meeting us at the end of Bridge street on the beach this is the logical place to park anyway. You should park as close to the intersection of West Street and Bridge Street as you can find a space when meeting us down on the beach.

Do not park anywhere on the stretch of Bridge Street that leads down to the beach or on the beach itself. You will be towed and/or you will find later that your car has turned into a submarine.

There is a free bus on Mount Desert island called the Island Explorer that makes many stops around the island and can drop you off in downtown Bar Harbor at a location next to the Village Green park that is within very short walking distance of our 8 Rodick Place shop address.

We have made a page with detailed walking directions and pictures for those walking from the Island Explorer drop off location next to the Village Green. Click here.

Is there a landmark in town you can give me walking directions from?
Yes, here is a page with walking directions and photos from the Village Green park in Bar Harbor to our shop. Click here.

There is only one restroom at our 8 Rodick Place address and none on the beach so please give your self time to take care of those needs before you head out to meet us if possible. 

It is very important that you come on time for your trip.  You should plan on being there ten minutes before the start of your trip time.

That way if you have trouble finding a parking space or finding the address you won’t be late. 

If you show up at our meeting place in your car at your trip start time you will still need to go and park your car and then walk back making you late for your tour.


Bar harbor is a busy place in the summer with a lot of traffic and often hard to find parking. 

People on the morning tour will have a relatively easy time finding parking while people on an afternoon or sunset tours should expect to spend several minutes or more looking for parking and may potentially have to park a fair distance away and then walk back.  Please be considerate of the other people in your group and give yourself enough time.

There are pictures of our guides in the your guide page.  Just look for the goofy looking handsome fellas by the van and kayaks.

(207) 266-1689

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Here is the back side of the Dog and Pony Tavern which is right next to us to your right if you are facing our entrance.

If you turn uphill onto Rodick Street from Cottage Street you will see this town parking lot on your left. You can’t see the entrance to our shop in this photo but the yellow arrow is pointing to our van parked in our driveway.

Rodick Street

Our Entrance