Environmental Education and Responsibility

Acadia Park Kayak Tours


We Strive to have our business practices be environmentally friendly and sustainable.  This also results in better service for you.

We provide NRS spray jackets to discourage people from buying cheap disposable pvc ponchos when it rains.

None of our life jackets or any of our gear is made with PVC plastic.
We successfully persuaded several large international companies which make gear used in kayaking, such as life jackets, dry bags, and spray skirts, to make versions of their products for us without using PVC.
In every case we were the first kayaking outfitter to ever make this request of them.
After having seen that they could make durable products without using PVC and with the increased attention to this issue these same companies have gone on to include these PVC free options in their regular offerings.

If you want to know more about the dangers of PVC click this link: What's So Bad About Vinyl Plastic (PVC)?

We provide clear, shoot through the case, aquapac camera cases that float so you can use your own camera on your trip to discourage people from buying cheap disposable cameras that take poor quality photos.  Large SLR professional style cameras and camcorders can be stowed in their own dry bag and taken in and to be used.

For the first three years the company existed the owner transported the kayaks to and from the beach using the bike cart pictured at the top of this page, which is also hand towable, and only occasionally drove to a put in. 

Although we are no longer able to do that we have located ourselves as close as possible to the beach so it is a short drive to our most used put in spot. 

When we buy gear in addition to the gear having to perform well we only buy from socially/environmentally conscientious companies.

We donate roughly five percent of our profits to one of several charities you can choose from.  All of these non-profits are involved in ocean conservation and research or in reducing environmental pollutants.

All of our advertising literature is printed on recycled paper.  To learn about options for using recycled paper in your business visit conservatree.org

We follow leave no trace outdoor ethics.

Sustainable Business Practices

“What would the world be, once bereft
Of wet and of wildness?  Let them be left,
O let them be left, wildness and wet,
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.”

Gerald Manley Hopkins




Environmental Education

We seek to raise our clients awareness of the marine environment and of the man made factors that threaten it.
Our guides will give some basic environmental information on every trip and are willing to teach about environmental topics in more depth for those who are interested.

The owner of Acadia Park Kayak Tours is currently developing, in collaboration with others, an interpretive environmental education curriculum for the Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides and Instructors that will be available for all Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guides to use.

The wallet sized guides to sustainable seafood available in our shop are published by the Blue Ocean Institute.  If you would like to print out more wallet sized guides you can download them from their website or by clicking Seafood_Guide.zip.  They also have a wallet size guide to sustainable sushi Sushi_Guide.zip.  After clicking on the previous links you may have to go to your downloads folder and click on the downloaded zip file for you computer to unzip and open it.

If you are interested in following the activities of birds of prey in Maine after having viewed an eagles or ospreys nest on your tour the
Biodiversity Research Institute maintains webcams of birds of prey nesting in Maine.

We seek to raise awareness about the hazards of light pollution on our night tours and hopefully inspire participants to value the natural view of the night sky.  Here is a link to a
National Geographic article on light pollution which names Acadia National Park as one of the four best star gazing spots in the nation.  Bar Harbor recently passed lighting ordinances in accordance with the  International Dark-Sky Association to protect its night skies.

We teach
leave no trace outdoor ethics.