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Acadia Park Kayak Tours


Q:  Why should I choose to go kayaking and why should  I choose Acadia Park Kayak Tours?

A:  For a short answer check out the top ten reasons to go and a message from the owner and for even more details on what makes Acadia Park Kayak Tours unique go to the special features page.

Q:  So do I need to rent or bring my own kayaks and equipment and then hire you as a guide or do you provide the kayaks?

A:  We provide the kayaks and all the necessary equipment and I or one of the few guides I work with will be your guide. 

Q:  Do I really need a guide?  Can’t I just rent a kayak and go out on my own?

A:  Yes you need a guide for several reasons.  Unless you are an experienced ocean kayaker it is unsafe to venture out onto the ocean without a qualified guide. 

If your boat flipped over and you were unable to get back in it by performing a paddle float rescue you could develop hypothermia before help arrived.

If fogged rolled in quickly, as it sometimes does, and you were unable to navigate using a chart and compass you could easily become lost.

If you are unfamiliar with how to safely paddle in an area with other boats you could create a dangerous situation for yourself and others.

Besides guarding your safety once on the water your guide will also be able to judge what conditions are safe to go out in, will know what beaches you are allowed to stop on, and will have all the coast guard required equipment.

You guide will also be a good source of information about the ocean and the local area making your time on the water more meaningful.

Q:  Do the kayaks tip over easily?

A:  The kayaks are extremely stable and will not tip over unless you lean your entire body far over the side.

We have bought the biggest, longest, and most stable (most expensive) two person plastic kayaks made in order to give our customers the most worry free ride. 
Who else in the area uses these top of the line kayaks for all their tours? You have probably already guessed that just Acadia Park Kayak Tours does, you big know it all.

Q:  Is it safe?

A:  Done correctly sea kayaking is a very safe activity, especially within the protection of the bay.

Two person kayaks are very stable and do not tip over easily, especially the Wilderness Systems Northstar kayaks we use.

There are always some inherent risk to any sport of which you will get to read all about when you sign the liability release form (fun fun fun!).  There is no guide service you can go out with that won’t require you to sign one.

In all my time leading kayaking and other outdoor activities I nor any of the guides I work with have ever had anyone seriously injured in one of our groups.

Check out the safety page for more information.

Q:  Oh yeah, if its so safe why does every guide service have you sign a liability release form?

A:  Your signature affirms that you understand that no matter how many safety precautions are taken, sports still contain a certain amount of risk. Your signature also affirms that you do not have any physical or mental conditions that would preclude you from successfully completing a guided adventure with Acadia Park Kayak Tours. 

If you would like to see the forms or print them out and fill them out in advance you can go to our forms page.

Q:  I heard or read somewhere else that there is a lot of boat traffic in Bar Harbor and that it might even be unsafe.  Is that true?

A:  No. In more than twenty five years of guided sea kayak tours in Frenchman Bay no kayak has ever been hit by another boat (except for maybe the other kayaks in their own group as they were learning to steer).

There are a few more boats in Frenchman Bay than on the west side of the island but there are boats there as well.

During the vast majority of our time on the water no other boat will come anywhere near us, if at all.

I am writing this after having done two tours today and on both tours we only saw one or two other boats, not including the Margaret Todd which is a four masted schooner which we almost always see and which is actually one of the many great things about Frenchman Bay. And the few moving boats we did see were far in the distance.

Sometimes we will see a few working lobster boats in our vicinity and most people really enjoy that.

Here is a link to a page where you can see a video of a few minutes of one of our sunset kayak tours in Frenchman Bay showing a typical amount of boat traffic in the bay.

Video of Frenchman Bay.

Q:  Do I need to have kayaked before?

A:  Absolutely not, most people that go out on a tour are kayaking for their first time.

Q:  But I am really an absolute beginner and have never done any kayaking before so is it alright for me to go on one of the tours?

A:  Yes, most people who go out on a tour have never kayaked before...really.

Q:  Do I need to be in great shape or very muscular?

A:  No, anyone of average physical condition can participate in one of the tours.  We will paddle at a pace that is comfortable for everyone in the group.

Q:  Will I be able to keep up with the rest of the group?

A:  Yes. The group will only go as fast as everyone in the group can comfortably paddle.

Q:  Three and a half to four hours seems like a long time are you sure everyone can do it?

A:  Keep in mind that up to 45 minutes is spent getting geared up and going over paddling and safety lessons.  We also usually stop on an island for between 20 and 30 minutes and the tours move at a comfortable pace.

Q:  Can I go on a tour if I can’t swim?

A:  Yes.  You do not have to be able to swim to go on one of the tours.  We try not to go swimming on the tours and in the unlikely event that you did end up in the drink you will be wearing a lifejacket.

Q: But I really can’t swim and will sink like a stone.  Are you sure I can go on a tour?

A:  Yes.  You will be wearing a lifejacket. I am sure.

Q:  Do you take trips out if it is foggy?

A:  Yes we do.  It is still safe to go out and paddling in the fog is an ethereal experience and one of my favorite conditions to paddle in.

Q:  Do you still take out trips if it is raining?

A:  Yes we do. If it is a heavy rain we may offer you the option of rescheduling or canceling without being charged.  If there is lightning close by we will cancel the trip but you should always assume the trip is going out and show up for your trip unless we have said otherwise.  The rain and/or lightning may be moving away quickly and may only make for a short delay in our departure time even if it looks bad at the moment.

Q:  How long could my trip be delayed?

A:  We reserve the right to delay any trip for up to a half hour for any reason and you should plan any activities for after the trip accordingly.  The most common reason for a trip to be delayed would be for weather.

Q:  I heard that the sea kayak outfitters in the area will cancel a tour if they feel that there are not enough people signed up for it.  Do you do that?

A:  Unlike other kayak guide services in Bar Harbor we will not cancel your tour if there are few people signed up.  If even one person is signed up we will give the tour.
We realize that people often take great care in planning their vacation and that their kayak trip with us may be what they are looking forward to the most.

Q:  If I go on the sunset tour will we be paddling when it is dark?

A:  No, the sunset tours come in shortly before the sunset or watch the sunset and then return to the beach before it gets dark.

Q:  How do I find the place where I meet you?

A:  Read the directions on the directions page.

Q:  I went your store front but no one was there.

A: We do not maintain a continually staffed storefront. You can make reservation by calling our number (207) 266-1689.

Q:  Where do I park my car?

A: Read the directions on the directions page for instructions on parking.

You can stop temporarily in front of our driveway at 8 Rodick Place to drop someone off if the driver of the vehicle is not going kayaking.

Q:  Is there public transportation on Mount Desert island?

A:  There is a free bus that makes many stops around MDI and in Trenton called the island explorer bus but be aware that it does not run the entire season.

Q:  If I am meeting you where the van picks us up what do I do with all my stuff?

A:  The best option would be to store your belongings in your car or hotel.

You only need to bring to the meeting point what you will actually use on the tour.

Remember to plan it so you have enough time to go store your belongings before the trip begins without being late.

There is plenty of room in the van and in our store to leave items behind not needed for the tour if necessary, so if its more convenient or if you are running late you can (within reason) bring your extra stuff.

Q: Where can we leave our dog/s when we are out kayaking?
A: There is a kennel and a pet sitting service in town. The Kennel is Acadia Woods Kennel and the pet sitting service is Acadia Pet Services.
We can also
crate your dog for you at our location for the period of time you are out kayaking with us.
We are the only outfitter to offer this convenience.
Not every dog is a good candidate for being in a crate for a few hours. Read the
dog crate page to find out if crating is a good option for your dog. You must reserve a crate in advance, preferably when you make your kayaking reservations.

Q:  Are there public bathrooms near where we meet that I can use?

A:  Yes and no, if you can please take care of those needs before you leave to meet up with the tour. 

We have only one restroom available and if everyone in the group ends up needing to use it can end up taking awhile.
If you are meeting us at the beach for a sunrise or night tour there is no restroom available.

Q:  How much does it cost? What are the rates? How do I pay?

A:  The open group tours of up to twelve people cost 45 dollars with cash or check and 50 dollars plus a gratuity with a credit card.  The open group tours of up to six people cost 55-60 dollars with cash or check and 60-65 plus a gratuity with a credit card.  You should check the night tours page and the private tours page for prices for those types of tours or check out the Prices & Schedules page.

You can pay for your tour at the beach after your trip is over but please bring your form of payment with you because we may be busy immediately after the tour.

If you are buying a gift certificate you can use a credit card to buy it instantly from our website, or you can purchase it in person or through the mail by check.

Q:  How do you tip a guide?

A:  Tip whatever you feel is appropriate.  If you need a guideline tip as you would tip a waiter which would be five to twelve dollars per person for one of the regular day trips.
If you are paying by credit card a 10% minimum gratuity is required.

Q:   How do I make reservations?  How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

A:  The sooner you call the better chance you have of getting on a tour.  Calling one or two weeks ahead will almost always assure you of getting on the tour you want but you can sometimes get on a tour by calling one or two days before.

If it is the same day don’t hesitate to call. Tours often go out with people who called the same day but you obviously have much less of a chance of making it onto the tour you want.

If you send us an email asking for a reservation for a specific date and tour we will save you the spot if it is open but you still need to confirm the reservation as soon as possible by calling us.

Please include the the dates you are interested in reserving a tour for in the subject line of your email and also include your phone number in the email.

If you need to cancel a reservation or if you end up having less (or want to add more) people in your party than you originally made the reservation for please let us know as soon as possible.

Q:  What should I wear?

A:  You should wear layers.  Wear a light shirt and have or wear an insulating layer on top of that such as a long sleeved synthetic shirt, synthetic fleece jacket, or wool layer.  It is also a good idea to bring a hard shell or waterproof jacket. We can provide rain/splash jackets in case of rain or conditions where you are likely to get splashed for those who don’t have their own. 

Weather changes quickly here and hot days can suddenly become cool and cool days hot. 

Any clothes that you do not wish to wear can be stored in a dry bag and used later if you need them.
You can use your common sense as well.  If it is a very hot day with no chance of rain and you are going on the morning or afternoon tours you probably do not need to bring additional layers.
It is best to wear synthetic materials or wool and not cotton. This is because those materials will keep you warm even when wet and will dry quickly.

Synthetic materials include polyester, nylon, spandex, polypro, gore-tex, and others.

Cotton absorbs water and wet cotton will chill you and weigh you down and be uncomfortable.

Jeans, cotton sweat pants, and heavy cotton sweatshirts and cotton jackets are the worst while cotton shorts and light short sleeved cotton shirts are fine but not as good as synthetic or wool clothes.

If you have water shoes wear those.  Cadillac Mountain Sports in town sells some inexpensive water shoes.  Sandals such as Chacos, Tevas, Crocs, and Keens work fine as well.  Flip-flops aren’t as good as sandals with heel straps but will work.  If you wear clunky shoes like hiking boots you will likely have to take them off while in the kayak and put them back on before walking around again.
You can not walk bear foot on the beaches for reasons of safety.

If you do wear some kind of regular shoes plan on taking your socks off if they are cotton.
If you are worried about your feet being cold wear wool or synthetic socks. 
If you have a shoe size greater than a mens ten you may end up having to remove your shoes to get your feet on the pedals and in that case it is an especially good idea to have wool or synthetic socks to wear so your heels do not rub against the plastic of the kayak.
It is a good idea to bring a hat, to help shield your head from the sun on a hot day or to keep it warm on a cool one, and sunglasses.

Q:  What should I bring?

A:  What you should bring is described in detail on the

We provide/You Bring page.

You should bring the appropriate clothing and foot wear and if you have a rain jacket you like bring that as well.

It is also good to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Bring a snack.

Bring your own camera and/or camcorder and I will give you a waterproof case to put it in which you can take pictures through without having to remove the camera from the case.

You should bring bottled water for every person or at least bring empty water bottles and you can fill them up at our location.

If you have any prescription medication that you may need such as an epi-pen, inhaler, insulin, nitrogen tablets, etc... please remember to bring that.  And of course, your sense of adventure!

If it is possible it is best to leave your own personal bags and backpacks at home or in your car and only bring what you will need for the tour.

Q:  Is my child old enough to go on the trip?

A:  As a general rule children need to be at least ten, eleven, or twelve (depending on who they will be paddling with) to come one of the regularly scheduled three and a half to four hour daytime and sunset tours.

For a private tour that stays closer to shore or in a more sheltered location like Hadley point they can be as young as five.

As a general rule for open group tours each child (under sixteen) is required to paddle in a tandem kayak with an adult who is at least sixteen years old. 

Scheduling a private tour that can be tailored to your groups needs will give us greater flexibility in potentially making an exception to those rules.

Q:  What if I have more children than adults in my group that wants to go kayaking?

A:  With a private group tour your guide can always paddle with a child in a two person kayak if you have more children than adults in your group.
This may or may not be possible in an open group tour.

Q:  Am I too old to go out on a tour?

A:  The maximum age limit for participating in one of the tours is 145.

Q:  Am I too heavy for the kayak?

A:  The tandem kayaks have a weight limit of 600 pounds. The single kayaks have a weight limit of 350 pounds.

Q:  Will I fit into the kayak?

A:  If your hip size is more than 55 inches then no.  If it is 50 inches or more it will be a tight squeeze.  Most people, including larger people, will fit.

In general starting around six feet four inches tall some people may be unable to use the pedals to steer with the rudder and will have to steer with just the paddles.  In general anyone six feet two inches tall or less will be able to sit in the front of the tandem kayaks and anyone six feet nine inches tall or less will be able to sit in the back of the tandem kayaks.

Q:  What if I am by myself?

A:  There is no reason that you can’t come alone!

Many people go by themselves either on a private trip or as part of the group on an open group tour.  If you still feel uncomfortable your can pretend that you are an old friend and tell embarrassing stories about you.

Q:  If we have a group that is more than six does that mean that you can’t accommodate us?

A:  No.  We limit some of our open group tours to six people but we also offer twelve person open group tours as well and we can accommodate a group of any size for a private group. 

Q:  Do you have single kayaks as well as two person kayaks?

A:  Because the two person kayaks are stabler and easier to handle than the single kayaks we most often put inexperienced paddlers in two person kayaks.

If you schedule a private trip inexperienced paddlers may go in single kayaks but you should know that having inexperienced paddlers in single kayaks may limit our range of where we can paddle in rougher conditions.

We have single kayaks for paddlers in good physical condition who are large enough to handle them and have kayaking experience or are generally confident in their athletic ability.

Experienced does not mean you have to be an expert but it does mean you have some experience paddling a single kayak on the ocean or alternatively are an experienced whitewater kayaker. 

We will need to speak with you to determine whether or not you can be in a single.

There is an additional 10 dollar charge for single kayaks.

Q:  If you put everyone in two person kayaks does that mean that our group can’t go if we have an odd number of people or that one of our group has to go in a single?

A:  No it does not.  If there is an odd number of people the guide can go in a two person kayak with one of your group members.

Q:  Where do we go/paddle?

A:  We will be paddling in Frenchman Bay or Blue Hill Bay or Somes Sound.

Your guide will decide on a trip by trip basis which location to go to. 

Weather permitting our first choice for paddling is typically Frenchman Bay.  Frenchman Bay is large with sweeping visual vistas, grand sunsets, large islands, and giant sea cliffs that Blue Hill bay and Somes Sound do not have and it is only in Frenchman Bay that we are able to stop for a break on an island. 

Here is a link to a page with a  video of a few minutes of one of our sunset tours in Frenchman Bay.

If you schedule a private tour we can paddle from any location off of Mount Desert Island including the West side, Hadley Point, Somes Sound, or even out to the Cranberry Islands.

Q:  Where is the best place to paddle?

A:  As stated above Frenchman bay is our favorite but the entire coast of Mount Dessert Island and its surrounding coastal islands are worth seeing.

A:  When is the best time to go?

Q:  Anytime we judge it safe to take out a tour is a good time to go.

The coast is beautiful in all seasons and has its own special beauty not only when sunny but also when foggy or even raining.

Sunrise, morning, daytime, sunset, or night are all equally enjoyable times to paddle.

There is a greater chance of fog in the morning, which is one of my favorite conditions to paddle in, and the mornings are also likely to have the least amount of wind or waves.

We are likely to see marine mammals at any time of the day but different birds are more likely to be seen at different times.  In our experience cormorants, guillemots, ducks, and the elusive sea gull are just as likely to be seen at anytime while eagles are more likely to be seen in the morning and afternoon and loons and great blue herons are more likely to be seen and heard at sunset.

We don’t see many animals at night although we sometimes hear seals and porpoise close by and occasionally see bioluminescent squid.  Instead what we do see are the stars in striking clarity and abundance and we often see bioluminescence sea water (glowing sea water).

Q:  Will we see wildlife?

A:  I used to be able to guarantee that we would see several types of wildlife but the porpoises and the eagles have been demanding I pay them a higher rate.

We are very likely to see jellyfish, porpoise (small whales that look like dolphins), seals, bald eagles, great blue herons, loons, cormorants, guillemots, and other sea birds.  We also often see kingfishers, ospreys, and peregrine falcons and on very rare occasions whales.   If you are on a tour where I am pulling lobster traps then crabs, starfish, and of course lobster are very likely to be in one of my traps.

Q:  Will we get to stop on an island?

A:  Yes, except in the rare case that the weather conditions don’t allow for it or in some cases where we will be paddling in a location other than Frenchman Bay  when the only available break spots are on a mainland beach.

Q:  Can I smoke or talk on my cellphone on the tour?

A:  No you cannot smoke.  If you have left a child behind who was too young to come out on the tour you can call to check on them when we stop on the beach.  Unless you need to make an incredibly important call we ask that you not make phone calls as a courtesy to the other people in your group.

Q:  Is it okay if I have a drink/s before coming on the tour?

A:  I would suggest that you don’t.  Anyone who is visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate and will still be charged.

Q:  What is the temperature of the water and the air?

A:  Water temperatures range from the 40’s to the lower 60’s and air temperatures are typically in the 60’s to 80’s (fahrenheit).  Even though it may not always feel hot it may still be important to wear sunscreen.

Q:  Are the weather conditions on the water different than onshore?  Will I be too cold?

A:  Because we are paddling in a protected bay and not on the open ocean the weather conditions on the water will be very similar to those found on shore.

During the warmer months we may get more sun on the water than we would on shore which is why it may be important to remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

If you have worn the appropriate clothing the only part of your body likely to feel chilled may be your hands which will occasionally get splashed while paddling.  This is why we provide wetsuit mittens/pogies.

Q:  Will I get wet?

A:  Possibly, but we minimize that by using spray skirts made of Sympatex which is a 100% waterproof and breathable Gore-tex like material, by offering the use of wet suit pogies for you hands, and by having splash jackets available.

We are the only outfitter in the area to use spray skirts made from a waterproof and breathable material and not just a water resistant material.

Q:  How early/late in the season are you open?

A:  We will be giving regular tours starting sometime in May until sometime in late October.  The weather will dictate when the season ends.

There is a possibility of tours given by request in April and November if the temperatures and weather cooperate with more of a chance if you own your own wetsuit or dry suit.

Q:  What if i am a person who tends to get motion sickness / sea sickness?

A:  On many days the water will be calm enough that this will never be an issue.

Because our kayaks sit so close to the water this tends to be much less of a problem than on other types of boats.

I will sometimes feel queazy myself on large ships but never on a kayak.

Nevertheless some people who are very sensitive will sometimes feel queazy but I have rarely seen someone actually become sick.

If you are concerned about it you can take motion sickness tablets an hour before the trip.

You want to take a less-drowsiness formula.  For adults this would be Meclizine Hydrochloride and for children this would be Meclizine Hydrochloride or Cyclizone Hydrochloride.  Some common brand names would be Bonine or Dramamine (less drowsiness formula).

Our guides keep some with us that we can give to you (please buy your own if you can remember) and because ours are chewable if you have not just eaten a meal they will probably be working within a half hour.

For those who feel averse to taking medications we also carry acupressure wristbands and herbal drops applied behind the ear which may help.

Q:  I have a physical disability.  Can I go on a tour?

A:  Call me and we will talk about your specific situation.  For more info on paddling and disabilities check out

Q:  Can I go on a tour if I am pregnant?

A:  Women who are pregnant should first consult their doctor before going on a tour.  Women in their third trimester may not go on a tour.

Q:  I am interested in buying a kayak.  Do you sell any of your kayaks?

A:  Yes I do and if you buy one from me I will sell you equipment at wholesale prices.  Please see the kayaks for sale page.

Q:  Do you lead any overnight island camping trips?

A:  I don’t have any regularly scheduled trips but I am capable of leading overnight trips if you have a group that is interested.  I am most likely to have space in my schedule for leading overnights in May, September and October but always feel free to inquire.  I can supply everything but sleeping bags.

Q:  I have my own boat and equipment but would like to hire a guide to privately show me around.  Do you do that?  How much do you charge?

A:  If I have time in my schedule I may be willing to guide you.  I don’t have fixed rates for that type of service.  Call me and we’ll talk.

Q:  I would like to use my own boat and/or equipment on one of the regular tours.  Can I do that?

A:  Potentially yes.  I must see and approve the boat, paddle, life-vest etc.. as being appropriate and safe.  There is no discount for using your own equipment and the price of the tour will be the same.

Q:  We are very experienced paddlers and don’t need a guide and were wondering if we can rent out a kayak from you?

A:  We do not rent out our equipment.

Q:  Can I buy a tour as a present for someone?

A:  We sell gift certificates for all the different types of tours.

Q:  Do you do any pro bono publico work?

A:  Yes I do or I may be willing to offer non-profit youth groups and other such social service organizations a discount.

Q:  What if I have to cancel my trip?

A:  All cancellations must be made by phone.  Even if we do not answer the phone you may cancel by leaving a message.  Cancelations by email are not valid.

Please let us know of any cancellation as soon as possible including a partial cancelation where you will have less people in your party than you originally reserved for.

I may offer you, at my discretion, the option of canceling or rescheduling a night tour if the sky is overcast the night of your tour.

We may offer you, at our discretion, the option of canceling or rescheduling a day tour if it is raining heavily.

For all other tours please understand that when a reservation is made that it is a commitment for us to hold a space for you.  We can (and often do) turn away others from that particular date (or trip).  If you decide to cancel, it can be difficult for us to book someone else on that trip, especially if cancellations are made close to the departure date.

For most tours if you cancel the trip with at least 48 hours of notification you will not be charged otherwise you will be charged at the full credit card rate unless you make other arrangements with me.

For private groups or groups of six or more you must give 96 hours/4 days of notice in order to cancel without being charged.

Even if it is already past your cancelation deadline please call as soon as possible to let us know of any full or partial cancellations as a matter of courtesy to both us and the other people on the tour.

This is a standard business policy and it is more common to have cancelation policies that require more advanced notice.

Many other businesses even charge up front and do not offer refunds.

Our policy is already very lenient and I regret that in order to successfully run a business we cannot make exceptions to the reservation and cancellation policy for any reason, including personal, family, or even medical emergencies.

Please do not ask for an exception if you cancel at anytime after the notification deadline.

Q: I have a website/directory/guidebook, in which I would like to include a listing for your business.  What text/pictures can I use from your website and how would you like the listing to appear?

A:  Please refer to the copyright and intellectual property policies page for an answer to this question.

Q:  What is your policy on....?

A:  If you still have a question about what our policy is on a particular issue or would just like to read all of the polices gathered in one place go to this policies page.

Q:  I have other questions not answered in this FAQ what shall I do?

A:  Call us at (207) 266-1689 or email us at if you are not in a hurry to receive an answer. If you are calling from somewhere on Mount Desert Island or near by you don’t have to dial the area code.

Q:  What are your business hours?  When can I call you?

A:  Call anytime.  If it is late and don’t wish to take calls or everyone is out giving tours the phone will be off (it will still take messages) so there is no harm in trying to call no matter how late or early.

Q:  I called you but got your voicemail.  Are you open?

A:  Yes we are.  We may all be on the water and giving our undivided attention to our tours and not have anyone working at that moment that can answer phones.

Leave us your name, phone number (speak this very clearly and repeat), the number of people in your party, the trip date and time you would like, the latest time today at which we may call you back, and the earliest time at which we may call you back the next day, and we will be sure to reserve a spot for you if one is open and will call you back to confirm.

We will return calls the moment we get off the water which will typically be within two hours and never more than a few hours for people calling to schedule a tour within a few days. 

If you are calling to schedule a tour for more than a week in advance we may not get back to you until the end of the day or the next afternoon.

Q: During our visit where is the best place to eat and to stay, and what other local activities should we try?

A:  The answer to those questions can be found on the Area Guide page.

Q:  I had such a great time on you tour what can I do to recommend you to others?

A:  If you send me a review by email at I will post it on my your reviews page.

I also appreciate you sending in your photos and videos from your tour as an email attachment to be posted on the your photos and video page.

The single most helpful thing you could do would be to recommend our tours to the managers, owners, and front desk people of the place your are staying on your visit.

You will likely be reading this before you go on your tour so we especially appreciate your thoughtfulness in remembering this.

Thank you for your comments and referrals.

If you are logged into your Facebook account you can also become a fan of our Facebook page by clicking the like button above.

Unusual occasionally Asked Questions


How can you not be able to get there from here?

Why is everything wicked?

Veritable Kayaking Quandaries

Tours are not canceled because of fog and not necessarily for rain

Be on time for your tour by giving yourself enough time to find parking and/or walk

Don’t forget

to wear sunscreen

and dress appropriately

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

The sooner you call the better chance of there being an open spot on the tour

you want

You don’t

need to

have kayaked before

to go

on one

of the tours

(207) 266-1689


All necessary  Equipment is provided

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

There is a 48 or a 96 hour cancellation policy depending on your group size and the type of tour.

(207) 266-1689

You must call to confirm any reservation you have requested by email or voicemail

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

It is best to leave your bags at home

(207) 266-1689

The boat traffic in Frenchman’s bay is minimal and safe

Trips may be delayed for up to a half hour because of weather conditions

(207) 266-1689

We will return most messages the same day.  Call anytime.

(207) 266-1689

If you liked your ride tip your guide

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

Do not wear heavy cotton clothes like jeans or cotton sweat shirts

Cancellations can only be made by phone.

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

Please show up on time, appropriately dressed, and having already used the restroom.

(207) 266-1689

There are no public restrooms at the beach

(207) 266-1689

Pay by cash or check to save money

(207) 266-1689

(207) 266-1689

You don’t need to know how to swim to go on a tour

Tipping your guide is appreciated

(207) 266-1689