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This is a video of a typical sunset tour in Frenchman Bay at the Height of tourist season on a late July Day when Bar Harbor was very busy and full of people.

As you can see there is very little boat traffic in Frenchman Bay (none on this day). 

We often see the four masted schooner the Margaret Todd sailing by on the sunset tour and we also often see Diver Ed’s boat anchored by one of the islands as he is diving and if this had been earlier in the day we would have likely seen a few working lobster boats pulling their traps and those are the only boats we see on a regular basis. 

We occasionally see a few sailboats and once in a while a motor boat and we almost never get close to any other boat.

If another tour company has informed you that there is heavy boat traffic in Frenchman Bay that is simply not true.

We see just as many wildlife sightings (seals and porpoise) in Frenchman bay as on the west side of the island or as in Somes Sound. 

Eagles and Guillemonts tend to be seen more in Frenchman Bay than on the West side and Osprey are seen more in Somes Sound than anywhere else. 

Somes Sound seems to have the most bird sightings overall but several species of birds will typically be spotted in any location.

The reason that Frenchman Bay is our first choice for a paddling location is that it is a large bay with a sweeping visual vista and large islands with grand sea cliffs.  We can stop on and explore the islands in Frenchman Bay, something we can’t do anywhere else.

The West Side of the island (Blue Hill Bay) or Somes Sound, as beautiful as they are, do not have these features.

It also means we avoid having to spend nearly an hour driving around in a van.

If we do need to drive to another location on a particular day because of weather we can spend just as much time on the water as we would have had we gone to Frenchman Bay so the trip will often be longer overall.

Private groups can request to paddle from any location around Mount Desert Island

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On days when  because of the weather it would be more enjoyable to paddle at another location we will drive to those locations
Only in Frenchman bay will we have the opportunity to stop on and explore a a large nearby coastal island
There is minimal boat traffic in Frenchman Bay
There is an equal amount of wildlife sightings in Frenchman Bay as anywhere else around the island.
Certain species of birds are more likely to be seen at certain locations.