We are the only outfitter on Mount Desert Island to offer  open group tours with six people / three tandem kayaks or less .  All other guide services will take up to twelve people / six tandem boats on all of their group tours. (We can take out private groups of any size).

We also offer twelve person group tours at competitive prices.

We can take out private groups of up to 48 people and children can be as young as five on a private tour.

We offer sunrise, morning, afternoon, sunset, night-time star gazing, overnight island camping expeditions, and private tours and don’t require a group size minimum or reservations far in advance for a private tour (reservations are suggested to be made as soon as possible).

Paddle with a local. With Acadia Park Kayak Tours your trip leaders will be outdoor professionals with years of experience.
In contrast to many of the larger outfitters in Maine there are no teenage or college aged guides working with us who might not have ever even been in a sea kayak before this summer.
We are all adult outdoor professionals actually from the area and approach our work as a profession and not just as a summer job.

We lead the way in eco-friendly business practices and our tours provide the perfect outdoor adventure for hands on environmental education. Five percent or more of profits are given to one of several ocean conservation charities you can choose from.

Please read over the frequently asked questions page for answers to most of your questions

Welcome to Acadia Park Kayak Tours located in Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island home to Acadia National Park. 
We provide the most fun and unique guided ecological sea kayaking adventures on the coast of Maine.  No former kayaking experience is necessary and all equipment is provided.

(207) 266-1689

Local Number for Mount Desert Island and Surrounding Areas. Call anytime .

“The great sea has set me in motion,

set me adrift,

and I move as a weed in the river.

The arch of sky

and the mightiness of storms

encompasses me

and I am left

filled with joy.”

-Inuit blessing of Uvavnuk

Acadia Park Kayak Tours is located in Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island home to Acadia National Park, in a region of Maine referred to as Downeast.

(207) 266-1689

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Acadia Park Kayak Tours storefront in Bar Harbor is not continually staffed.

The tour groups are small and fill up quickly without the need for an always open storefront. 

Leave your dog with us while you kayak. 
You must reserve in advance.Crate_Your_Dog.html