Kayaks For sale

Kayaks For sale

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Repeat after me...I must own a kayak...I must own a kayak...I must own a kayak

Buy a used kayak from me in great condition at a great price and get your choice of a wide variety of brand new kayaking equipment at wholesale prices!

-Gently used kayaks at low low prices

-Kayaking equipment at wholesale prices with the purchase of a kayak

-Camping equipment at wholesale prices with the purchase of a kayak

Available  for  a limited time  only!!!

My used plastic kayaks typically have only one or two seasons of use on them and are in excellent condition with years of use left in them.  I use and sell Wilderness Systems kayaks which are in my opinion by far the best plastic kayaks on the market.

I Typically sell my kayaks at close to half of their original retail price.


If you buy one of my used kayaks which are always in great shape with many years of use left in them I will allow you to purchase brand new kayak equipment from me at wholesale prices plus shipping when you buy your kayak.  This can include spray skirts, paddles, lifejackets, paddle floats, bilge pumps, dry bags, and other accessories.

I will also allow you to place an order for camping gear with me at wholesale prices plus shipping the next time I place an order.  The items available include camp stoves, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, and other items.

Paying half as much for a kayak that can perform as well and last as long as a brand new kayak and having a chance to purchase a wide variety of outdoor equipment at wholesale prices really is a great deal.  Only a few people will get to take advantage of one of these deals from me because I keep a small inventory of kayaks.

For sale at the moment

Two wilderness systems Northstar tandem/two person kayaks

I am selling these kayaks for 1200 dollars each.  They currently retail for over 2400 dollars.  Both are in good condition with two seasons of use on them.  Both are a red color and are rudder boats.

These are the best, most durable, most stable two person kayaks on the market and can hold a ton of camping gear.

One Wilderness Systems 17 foot Temptest kayak

I am selling this kayak for 1000 dollars.  They currently retail for over 1,600 dollars.

It is in good condition with one season of use on it.

It is a skeg boat and is a yellow color.

This is the kayak I use and I love it.

It is perfect for intermediate and advanced kayakers or even for a confident beginner.  The great thing for an intermediate or beginner kayaker who bought this kayak is that it is a kayak that will allow you to progress as your skills increase.  It is very stable, rolls well when you want it to, tracks well, and holds plenty of camping gear