Acadia Park Kayak Tours


Kayaking at night offers a unique almost dream like experience.

The harbors are quieter with no other boats on the water and we are immersed in the gentle sounds of the ocean.

We will bring with us a Celestron Sky Scout personal planetarium and a high powered laser pointer.

When the moon is full or nearly full we will enjoy paddling by its light and stop to gaze.

When there is little moon light we will identify stars, planets, and constellations.

We may also find bioluminescence.  Due to the activity of light producing microorganisms in the water the movement of our boats and paddles through the water will produce a bright silvery blue glow all around us.

As the owner of Acadia Park Kayak Tours I lead all of the night tours.

While there are a couple of other guides in Maine who lead night tours I am the only guide to provide a guided star/astronomy tour, the only guide on Mount Desert Island to lead frequent night tours and the only guide on MDI who will schedule a night tour on short notice.

National Geographic Magazine recently named Acadia National Park as one of the four best places in the country for star gazing because of its low level of light pollution and Bar Harbor has recently passed lighting ordinances in accordance with the Internatioanl Dark-Sky Associtaion to protect it’s night skies.

2009 was named the International Year of Astronomy by the United Nations and the International Astronomical Union.

Night tours can be scheduled starting anytime after twilight.  The rate is 55 dollars per person for any tour up to two and a half hours long. Tours paid for by credit card are 60 dollars per person plus a 5 dollar per person minimum gratuity.  Private group prices may vary according to the group size and the time of the season.  Private groups can extend their tour for an additional charge. If it is overcast or raining the night of your tour I may offer you the option of rescheduling or canceling without charge.

Additional Safety Precautions

If you have never been kayaking before I suggest the night tour not be your first trip if you feel any trepidation.  I suggest first coming out with me on one of my day tours to learn the basics although those who feel confident may have their first trip be a night tour.

I have more stringent requirements for the weather conditions in which I will lead a night tour than for tours during the day.  Because of temperature considerations night tours are less likely to be possible in the early and late parts of the season.

Every Boat is equipped with lights in order to make the boat highly visible and a high powered zenon flash light for signaling.

Every person is equipped with an emergency strobe beacon which is attached to their life vest.  These lights have a sensor that that will automatically activate the strobe light if it is submerged in water.  Every person is equipped with a chemical glow stick.

As with all tours I carry a cell phone, a VHF Marine radio, a GPS, and an emergency satellite locator beacon.

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Kayaking at Night is a Unique Experience Not to be Missed

“Midnight. No waves,

no wind, the empty boat

is flooded with moonlight.”