Tour Prices and Schedules

Acadia Park Kayak Tours

Night Tours

Night tours can be scheduled to leave anytime after twilight.
Daytime and Sunset Tours

The regularly scheduled three and a half to four hour daytime and sunset tours

Leave between 7:00 & 10:00 AM and return between 10:30 AM & 2:00 PM
Leave between 11:00 AM & 1:30 PM and return between 2:30 & 5:30 PM
Leave between 1:30 & 5:00 PM and return between 5:00 & 9:00 PM

Departure times for open group tours during the busy times of the season are set and change throughout the season depending on sunset.

During the slower times of the season if your group is the first to schedule for a particular open group tour there can be some flexibility in departure time.

During the early and late parts of the season there are typically just the morning and the sunset tours scheduled unless a private group or a group of four or more people request an afternoon departure and it does not conflict with trips already scheduled.

There are tours everyday June through August and almost everyday in May, September, and October.

Tours of lengths other than three and a half to four hours may be requested


Overnight Island Camping Trips

It is best for these tours to leave in the morning and can return anytime before sunset on the given day.  These tours are a minimum of two days long and a maximum of five days long.  These tours are not always available.  I will be most likely to have time in my schedule to give these tours in May, September, and October.
Private Tours

Private tours can potentially be scheduled to leave at any time from any location on Mount Desert Island and like all tours are a two hour minimum.

The three and a half to four hour open group tours of up to twelve people are 45 dollars per person. 

The three and a half to four hour open group tours of six people or less are 55-60 dollars per person.

Tour of other lengths can be scheduled through a private tour.

For the paddling time that is given these are the lowest priced tours in the area.

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for these tours for groups of up to 5 people.  For groups of 6 or more or private tours the cancellation policy is 96 hours.

Please refer to the private tours page to see the prices for these tours.

There is a 96 hour cancellation policy for these tours.Private_Tours.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

The rate is 55 dollars per person for two or more people for any tour two to two and a half hours long.

Private night tours are also available and the price for those tours can be found on the private tours page.


There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for these tours for groups of up to 5 people.  For groups of 6 or more or private tours the cancellation policy is 96 hours.  If the sky is overcast the night of the tour we will offer the the chance to reschedule or cancel without charge.


The rate for one of these tours is typically 100-200 dollars per person per day depending on the details of the tour.

The details include whether you bring your own camping equipment or use mine, the size of your group, if you pay for and cook your own food or if I do and if I do provide the meals what the cost of ingredients are.  We input all these variables into a secret algorithm developed for us by scientist at NASA and get your tour price.

Tours for People Who Have Their Own Equipment but Want a Guide

If joining an open group tour prices are the same. Private tours vary.

Tour Rates for Non-profit Groups or Youth Groups

You will have to call us and we will talk.  With large groups we often discount the cost of the tour for the person who calls to arrange the tour.
Daytime and Sunset Tours
Night Time Star Gazing Tours
Private Tours
Overnight Island Camping Trips
All tours are a two hour minimum.

There is an additional charge of ten dollars for people who request a one person kayak instead of the standard two person kayaks.

If paying with a credit card all tours cost five dollars more per person plus a minimum five dollar gratuity per person.
Private tours paid for by credit card will incur a 5% fee and a minimum 10% gratutity.

We reserve the right to delay any tour by up to a half hour for any reason and you should plan any activities for after your tour accordingly.  The most common reason a tour would be delayed would be for weather conditions.