Acadia Park Kayak Tours


Offers tour groups of 6 people / 3 tandem boats*.  All other outfitters in Bar Harbor or on Mount Desert Island will take up to twice that many on all of their group tours. We also offer competitively priced 12 person groups.  We can take out private groups of any size.

Can crate your dog for you at our property while you are out kayaking.  We have several dog crates of varying sizes. Not every dog is a good candidate for being crated for a few hours. Read over the dog crate page to find out if this is a good option for your dog/s. You must reserve a crate in advance, preferably when you make your kayaking reservations.

Will demonstrate the hauling of a lobster trap on your tour (Catch and released if requested.  Lobster traps are seasonal.)

Gives you the opportunity to explore an island on every tour (weather permitting).

Charges as little as 45 dollars for a three and a half to four hour tour.

Does private tours without requiring reservations far in advance or a group size minimum.

Donates 5% or more of profits to conservation.

Carries on every tour a VHF radio, a cell phone, a GPS, and a satellite personal tracker beacon.  A bonus of having the satellite tracker is that after the trip you can look on google maps and see the course we paddled in detail (you may want to remind me at the start of your tour to turn on the tracking feature if seeing your exact course on google maps after your trip is important to you).

Provides optically clear waterproof camcorder and camera cases (even for SLR cameras) that you can take pictures through and that float.

Provides wetsuit mittens and/or pogies that attach directly to your paddle, are easy to slip your hands in and out of, and keep your hands warm.

Provides Patagonia fleece jackets.

Provides gore-tex fleece hats.

Gives sunrise tours.

Gives night time star gazing tours.

Uses Wilderness Systems Northstar two person kayaks for our regularly scheduled day tours.

These are the longest and most stable two person plastic sea kayaks made and are the most comfortable kayaks for taller people.

I have paddled most of the plastic two person kayaks that are made and have paddled all of the two person kayaks that other outfitters in the area use and while they all perform well in perfectly calm conditions in even mild wind and waves the Northstar two person kayaks we use are noticeably more stable and easier to steer.

Uses spray skirts made of a 100% waterproof and breathable material (Sympatex).

The spray skirt is what keeps the water out of the boat.  Most outfitters use nylon spray skirts which are neither waterproof (they have a low level of water resistance) or breathable.  Some outfitters use PVC spray skirts which are very water resistant but not waterproof and are not breathable. 

Nylon spray skirts are almost a guarantee of having a wet bottom after your trip and on a hot day a PVC spray skirt will have you soaking in your own sweat.

Does not use equipment made with PVC plastic.  PVC is not an environmentally friendly material.

Allows people to use their own boats and equipment on the tours if they wish, provided that we approve them as being safe.

Does not have a large staff of guides of varying qualifications.

For parts of the season only the owner will be leading trips.  We may hire other guides during the busy part of the season but we insure that any guide that works here is an equally qualified guide and you will always know before hand who your guide will be and that you are going out with a reliable and experienced guide.  Any of our guides will have a profile on this web site.

What is important is how experienced your individual guide is not how long the outfitter has been in business.

With some outfitters you may get a guide that has twenty years of experience leading trips or you may get a guide with less than a month of experience being in a kayak.

We are one of the only sea kayak guides / outfitters on Mount Desert Island or in the state who-

Does not cancel a tour if only a small number of people sign up for it.

Can take out children as young as six (private tours only).

Is actually on the water when the sun sets for the sunset tour (there is a half an hour of daylight after the sun sets and we will not be paddling in the dark on the sunset tour).

Provides hand warmers.

Provides rain gear.

Gives night tours.

Gives private tours.

Are a certified wilderness (medical) first responder.

Acadia Park Kayak Tours is the only outfitter on Mount Desert Island that-

If you are looking to go on an ocean adventure and want your money to support sustainable business practices and ocean conservation, want the best service, want to see how a lobster trap is hauled, want to go out with a small and intimate group, and/or would like a private tour or night tour Acadia Park Kayak Tours is not just the best but the only tour service that offers what you want.


Because we don’t want to offer more of the same in an already crowded marketplace and because we continually examine the business from both our perspective and our customers for ways in which we can improve the quality of the tours there are many things that sets Acadia Park Kayak Tours apart from the many other sea kayak outfitters and tour services that proliferate along the Maine coast.