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Great Kayaking: People travel thousands of miles to kayak the Maine coast and you’re already here!

Mount Desert Island in particular with its incredible beauty and protected coastline is a national destination spot for sea kayakers.  Many people who come on a trip say it was the highlight of their vacation. 

Small Groups:  We offer open group tours that are limited to 6 participants or less*.  APKT is the only outfitter in the area that offers these smaller groups.  This means more time to interact with your guide and a more quiet and intimate group.  All other outfitters in the area will take up to twelve people in all of their regular groups which is the limit set by the state for one guide.

We also offer open group tours of up to twelve people at a very low price.  We can take out proivate groups of any size.

Wildlife:  The gulf of Maine with its nutrient rich waters abounds in wildlife.  You are likely to see seals, porpoise, eagles, herons, and other wildlife on your tour.

Safety: is always the first priority at APKT and no measure is spared in ensuring a fun and safe trip.  Read more on the safety page.

Love Your Mother: APKT business ethic is one that eases the conscious.  Besides taking all of the obvious measures to promote environmental responsibility APKT is always searching for new ways in which to be more sustainable.

For example APKT was the first company to ever request its spray skirts be made entirely without PVC from the largest spray skirt manufacturer in the country and is an industry leader in other ways as well.  More details are available on the environment page.

Experience: While some outfitters may boast of “20 some years of experience” the only experience that really matters is that of the individual guide leading your trip and not how long the outfitter has been in business.

Your Guide will be able and happy to answer questions on kayaking, fishing, ecology, wildlife, Maine history and culture, geology, and Native American history of the region among other topics.

Low Prices:  APKT offers the lowest possible prices for the service given.  Our six person group tours are priced competitively with other’s twelve person group tours and our twelve person group tours are the lowest priced tours in the area. This is done to help keep the tours accessible to as many people as possible.

Catch Some Bugs:  Your guide can demonstrate the mystery of hauling a lobster trap.  Don't worry you vegetarians or vegans it is catch and release if requested (lobster fishing is seasonal).

The Best Equipment And All The Extras:  APKT is the only outfitter in the area to use the longest most stable two person plastic kayaks made, use spray skirts made out of a waterproof breathable material, and use fiberglass paddles.

In addition to all the necessary equipment you will also be provided with, rain jackets, wet suit gloves when cold, deck bags on request, fleece jackets and hats by request, and optically clear and float-able waterproof camcorder and camera cases on request, even for SLR cameras.
We are also the the only outfitter that will crate your dog for you at our shop while you are out kayaking.

Island Explorers:  Some of the most beautiful parts of the park are its coastal islands and sea kayaking is the best way to see them.  Not only will you get to be up close to the islands in a way only possible in a sea kayak but APKT gives you the chance to stop on an island on almost every tour.

We follow leave no trace ethics while on the islands and our visit is in no way detrimental.

For a more detailed description of al the things Acadia Park kayak Tours does to set itself apart visit the special features page.

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