Walking Directions from the Island Explorer Drop Off and the Village Green Park to Our Shop

You will need to walk to our shop at 8 Rodick Place which is very close by.

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Acadia Park Kayak Tours

The Island Explorer shuttle will drop you off alongside the village Green park on Kennebec Street or Firefly Lane.

The yellow lines are the areas of the street on which you might be dropped off.*

You should walk in the directions of the yellow arrows.*

The entrance to our shop is marked by a yellow star.*

*(These yellow markings do not appear in real life and are for the purposes of illustration;)

Still not sure where you are going? We guess in that case it is time to BRING FORTH THE PHOTOS!

...or around the corner here along Firefly Lane.

The Island Explorer shuttle will either drop you of here along Kennebec Street...

You should begin by walking towards the right side of the nearby police station

Here you will find some public restrooms. If you feel the call of nature now is a good time to avail yourself of their use.
When you are ready you will continue walking past them towards the building in the background.

You will find yourself in front of Fiore Artisan Olive Oils and Vinegars.
As long as it won’t make you late for your tour we definitely recommend stopping in to try some of their delicious offerings
We are located in the lower half of the same building and our entrance faces the opposite direction.
Turn to your right.

You are going to make an immediate left down the street past the Fiore sign and the American flag.

Walk to the end of this short section of street and then turn left into the town parking lot.

You are almost there! Hey look there is one of our cars with a kayak on top (that won’t always be there).

You will see our van and kayak trailer parked in front of our shop (most of the time).
Our front entrance faces into the town parking lot. At the time of posting this we are in the middle of some remodeling. We will post some pics of our shop when it is done.

Hey look right next door is the back side of the Dog and Pony Tavern. FYI the D&G serves food until 12AM every night, the latest food in town. Lobster mac & cheese and tater tots never tasted so good as they do late at night after a full day of hiking and kayaking.