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Acadia Park Kayak Tours


Wilderness Systems Northstar two person kayaks.

These kayaks are 19 feet long and are some of the largest and most stable kayaks made.

I am the only outfitter on the island to use these kayaks for my regularly scheduled day tours.

These are the most comfortable kayaks for those who are very tall.

The Northstar is not longer being made and we have started to incorporate Boreal Esperanto two person kayaks into our fleet.  After the Northstar these are the longest and most stable two person plastic kayaks available.

Wilderness Systems Tsunmai single person kayaks.

These kayaks are sixteen and a half feet long and are very stable single person kayaks.
We also carry a couple of seventeen and half feet long sinlge Tsunami kayaks for larger people.

The tsunami is made specifically to be easy to use by the novice kayaker with wide comfortable cockpits and a hull design that makes the boat harder to flip than most other single kayaks.

High quality Aquapac optically clear camera cases so you can use your own cameras and camcorder.

These cases are the best in the market in terms of reliability and photo quality.

The company will pay for your camera in the unlikely event that the case should fail.

Cameras in these cases will float if dropped.

I even have cases for large SLR camera and cases for camcorders.  

NRS splash jackets (rain jackets with neoprene cuffs).

Neoprene wetsuit pogies, which are mittens that attach directly to your paddles, for paddling in days of colder temperatures so your hands wont get chilled from the occasional splashing they take when paddling.`

Aquabound fiberglass paddles.  Fiberglas paddles are light and flex, making them easier on your joints.

Extrasport, Astral, and Lotus Designs life-vest.

Seals 100% waterproof and breathable Sympatex spray skirts.

Sealline dry bags.

North Water deck bags.

I can provide Patagonia fleece jackets for chilly days if you do not have a wool sweater or synthetic fleece jacket. 

I can provide Outdoor Research gore-tex fleece hats for chilly days.

You can read about all the gear I bring on my boat on the safety page.

I provide additional items for night tours.

I can also provide items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and  some other items I ask you to bring if you forget yours but I do this as a courtesy and so the trip won’t be delayed for the entire group by waiting for people to go back to their car or hotel to retrieve forgotten items.  I would ask you to do your best to remember to bring the items you should provide for yourself which are listed below.

Sea Kayaking Gear You Provide

Yourself, appropriately dressed and on time, having already parkerd your car, and having used the bathroom before you came out to meet the tour.

Clothing that is not water absorbent.

Synthetic clothing such as polyester, nylon, polypro, and spandex as well as wool is the best.
Light cotton clothing such as t-shirts and light cotton pants or shorts will be ok but are not ideal.

Heavy cotton sweatshirts, cotton jackets, and jeans are not ok.

Depending on the conditions that day we may judge it unsafe for you to participate in the tour if you are dressed extremely inappropriately in which case you would still be charged for the full price of the tour because it is your responsibility to dress appropriately. 

There are other outfitters who allow people to participate in sea kayaking while dressed inappropriately.  I sometimes see these people at the end of their tours wet, shivering , and miserable and in the unlikely event that they had gone into the water their clothing would have been a serious safety hazard.

Here is a step by step guide to dressing for the tour-

A light short sleeved first layer preferably of a synthetic material or a light wool but a light cotton shirt is fine if that is all you have.

A warming second layer such as a synthetic fleece jacket or long sleeved synthetic fiber or wool shirt or sweater. 

You don’t need to wear it but it is good to have it with you just in case. 

If you don’t have any thing like this and can’t or don’t wish to buy something I can lend you a synthetic fleece jacket for the trip.

A waterproof third layer such as a rain jacket/hard shell jacket . 

You do not need to wear it but it is good to have it with you just in case, especially if the weather report is calling for any chance of rain. 

I can provide splash/rain jackets if it rains.

If you are going out on the sunset tour or the night tour you need to bring at least one long sleeved non-cotton layer.
If it is a hot day with no fog or chance of rain and you are going out on the morning or afternoon tour you will probably be fine with one short sleeved layer.  Use your judgement.

Synthetic or wool pants or shorts depending on the temperature or as a second choice light cotton shorts or as a third choice light cotton pants.

Water shoes or sandals with a heal strap like Chacos, Tevas, Crocs, or keens. 

Cadillac Mountain Sports in town sells some inexpensive water shoes ($15).

Flip flops aren’t as good as sandals with heel straps but will work.

If you do wear some kind of regular shoe plan on taking your socks off if they are cotton.

If you are concerned about your feet being cold from going into the water you can wear some wool or synthetic socks underneath whatever shoes you wear (wool is warmest).

The worst shoes to wear are hiking boots.  You will almost definitely have to take them off to be comfortable in the kayak.

You can not walk bear foot on the beaches because of the danger of cutting your feet so you must bring shoes and be prepared for them to get wet.

If anyone in your group has a shoe size of men’s 1o or greater they might need to take their shoes off in the kayak to comfortably use the foot pedals (which you must use).  Some people have complained in the past of their bare feet chafing against the inside of the kayak in these situations so men with a shoe size greater than 10 should bring a pair of wool or synthetic socks that they can wear while in the kayak if they have to take their shoes off.

What else to bring-

Water for every member of your group (very important).

Sunscreen (very important), sunglasses, and a hat (suggested).

A snack or bag lunch (optional).

Binoculars (optional).

Your camera (optional).

Anti-nassuea medication if you are very prone to getting motion sickness.  The vast majority of people don’t get sick on the kayaks but if you know you are very sensitive you may want to take some Anti-nassuea medication a half hour before you meet the tour.

Cash or check so you do not have to pay an additional five dollars per person by paying with a credit card.

Any medications you might need on the trip no mater how unlikely such as an Epi-pen, inhaler, nitrogen tablets, insulin, blood pressure medication etc......

If you forget to bring a medication that is potentially critical to your safety we reserve the right to refuse your participation in the tour and you will still be charged the full price of the tour.

If it is possible it is best to leave your own personal bags and backpacks at home or in your car and only bring what you will need for the tour.

If you would like to print out the liability release form and the medical question form beforehand and bring them with you go to the forms page where you can download them.

Yourself, appropriately dressed and on time, having already parked your car, and having used the bathroom before you came out to meet the tour.


Kayaks and necessary equipment

Waterproof camera cases

Rain jackets

Wet suit mittens

Dry bags and deck bags for all your stuff

Fleece jackets

Fleece hats


The appropriate clothing and footwear

A rain jacket

A fleece jacket, long sleeved synthetic shirt, or wool sweater/shirt.



Sunscreen (important)


A snack

Your camera

Any medications you might need on the trip

Cash or check in order to not pay an additional 5 dollars per person.


Sea Kayaking Gear I Provide